Race Car Prep

What is race prep?  It is making sure that your race car is mechanically at its best before a race weekend.  This includes:

  • Mechanical inspection & Maintenance
  • Chassis setup
  • Drive train tuning
  • Electrical cleanup

Mechanical inspection and Maintenance

This service ensures that your race car is safe and ready to race.  It is important to check and replace fluids, bleed the brakes, inspect brake pads, etc.  No one wants to get to the track and find something simple was overlooked.  There is enough to do without replacing pads or draining the oil at the track!

Chassis Setup

Chassis setup includes complete adjustment of all four corners of the suspension for camber, caster, toe, ride height, roll-bars, and corner weights.  We make these adjustments on a per track, per driver, per car basis.  We keep a database of what works for you at each track, and can help refine these setups the more we work with you.

Drive Train Tuning

The Miata can lose up to 20% of its engine power to the drive train.  These little cars don’t have much power to start with, so every little bit that can be saved in the drive train is “free” horsepower.  Knowing where and how to save this power is one of our secrets.

Electrical Cleanup

Electrical issues are no fun!  No one wants to have the ignition cut out coming to the checker. Chasing a gremlin right after unloading is going to make for a long weekend.  Race car electrical systems see conditions that the Miata wasn’t designed for: particularly vibration and heat.  We will go through your electrical wiring and make sure there aren’t any gremlins or poor wiring connections waiting to ruin your upcoming weekends.

Interior Wires

Contact Chris Haldeman at chris@x-factorracing.com or (469) 919-1089 for more information.